Resolving Disputes While Preserving Dignity

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Great food for thought. Private matters should be handled in a private, compassionate, and tactful way. Agree? 🙂

The Blog of David I. Karp

The idea for this piece comes from a facebook post of a friend and colleague, Family Law Attorney and Mediator James P. Reape.

Yesterday, Jim Reape posted that one of the highest callings of an attorney is to resolve disputes while preserving dignity.

I could not agree more.

In my view, resolution by trial in a courtroom usually does not preserve dignity, at all, ever, for at least one side.

There, one side loses.

Losing at trial is mortifying.  The litigant has believed that he or she is right, and is incredulous that the judge or jury has not agreed.

There is no closure.  The anger and pain continues to rankle, often propelling the matter further along in the litigation path to the appellate court.

On the other hand, mediation gives the opportunity either for both sides to win – or otherwise to share the pain together, as it were…

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